Sales & Rental Service Of Cranes, Lorry Cranes, Skylifts, Scissorlifts, Boomlifts, Forklifts & Low Loaders


Our Project Management Team serves our customers at every stage of a project, from planing to completion. We take care of necessary paperwork, logistics, participate in multidisciplinary discussions to secure deadlines, and offer supporting services to you and your sub-contractors. In our tailor-made heavy lift solutions, we also provide value added services like:

Pre-Lift CAD Plan    Method Statement    On-Site Survey    Professional Advise

Our specialized engineers can plan in detail for the most complex tasks,saving time for our clients and maximizing safety. Far East’s team of experienced and skilled professionals always matches the right equipments for each lifting task, assuring that sufficient lifting power will be on hand, while maintaining safe operations.

Customers’ satisfaction is always our top most priority and concern, our friendly and experienced operators are always ready to help and provide advices to our clients to ensure the work can be accomplished smoothly and safely within the shortest possible time.


Equipment Rental
Mobile Cranes | Lorry Cranes | Skylifts | Scissors Lifts | Boom lifts | Low Loaders | Trailers | Forklifts |Tower Lights| Weights For Loadtesting
Machines Moving
We provide services for relocation, moving & erections for heavy machinery and equipment.
Site Survey & Lifting Plan
Competent staff will perform site survey to assess the crane requirements and submit lifting plan to fulfill HSE criterias.
Sale Of Cranes & Spareparts
We also sell new or used crane and spareparts. Feel free to browse our sale section.
Plant Dismantling & Scrap Disposal
We provide one-stop solution in the dismantling of plant and removal and sale of scrap materials from decommissioned factories.